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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

No End to the Possibilities in Styling for a Kauai Wedding: Hindu Weddings

Hair and makeup for these Kauai brides are just part of the elaborate preparations for their Hindu weddings...

Lots of orchids, a golden tiara with a maang tikka (the chain that goes down the part of the hair) and also a chain from the earrings (which could be very heavy gold) to the tiara for extra support

Important that the bride's aunties and sisters help her get ready...

And the Aunty places a beautiful bindi on the center of the bride's forehead

 This bride was hesitant to ask her groom to wear traditional Hindu garb, but he was excited to and said he especially wanted to wear the hat!

This bride has her mom and aunty pin her veil to her shoulders...because it is encrusted in beading, it weighs 30 pounds! Just beautiful...

Here you can see her hand and arm jewelry as well as her traditional Hindu bridal henna tattoos

The final touches and you can see the gorgeous results! I did get to apply an elaborate design of bindi to the bride's forehead after her hair and makeup were complete.