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Monday, May 18, 2015

Kauai Wedding Styles: To Veil or Not To Veil....

I have seen so many different types of veils in my 21 years of styling Kauai brides...

...from traditional head-covering veils (many brides elect to take them off for some of the post-ceremony photos and dinner. Since these cover the curl piles and other intricacies of the hairdo, as well as the hair flowers, I make them easy to remove by design, either by the bride or her attendants!

Some Kauai brides elect to install their veils below their curl piles and flowers-that is the easiest position to remove after the ceremony. I always use pins to secure veils even if they are sewn on metal or plastic veil combs since an unexpected gust of wind could carry the veil away!

The above Kauai bride's veil was very frothy and gathered... nice!

                                                          Even shorter hair styles can sport veils-flexible metal combs are better for securing a veil in shorter hair, or we can skip the comb all together and simply pin into place.

The above is a full length or cathedral length veil with embroidery...
and in the right conditions, it can make a stunning photo!!!